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THE BATTLE OF YAMAZAKI 1582 where Hideyoshi Toyotomi meets Akechi Mitsuhide. Hideyoshi Toyotomi is wearing his famous Sun Ray Kabuto ( Helmut). Original oil on canvas painting by the renowned military artist Chris Collingwood.


Japanese Swords, Antique Firearms

World Renowned Shotokan Karate Do Master Kanazawa Hirokazu viewing a : Seki No Magoruku Katana.

Japanese Swords, Antique Firearms

Japanese Swords, Antique Firearms

Renowned Shotokan Karate Master and Sword Collector Abe Keigo viewing a famous signed Muramasa Sword.

Japanese Swords, Antique Firearms

From right to left: Ogasawara Nobuo ( Former curator of the National Sword Museum in Ueno Tokyo and respected Scholar on Japanese Swords ), Abe Keigo Sensei ( World renowned Shotokan Karate Master and Sword collector ), and Goran Glucina




My name is Goran Glucina and I have been involved with the Japanese Culture and the Japanese Samurai Sword now for over forty years. I have lived in Japan for ten years and have had the privilege and exposure to many private collections, Museum exhibition's and also have had mentors who have given me their precious time and patience to educate me over the years on Japanese history and the mystique Samurai Sword and Japanese Samurai History.

Japanese Swords, Samurai Swords, Katana Swords and Tsuba Japanese Swords, Samurai Swords, Katana Swords and Tsuba

The Famous “KANJO KANEMOTO" , Seki no Magoroku Kanemoto ( Juyo Token )


I belong to the NBTHK (Nihon Bijitsu Hozon Kyokai) Society for the Preservation of the Japanese Sword). I have also had the privilege of meeting the renowned Karate and Iaido Master Abe Keigo whom I have studied the Japanese Traditional Martial Art of Karate Do under his Guidance. My collaboration with him has spanned for over 40 years. Abe Keigo Shihan has been involved in collecting Samurai Swords for sixty-five years and belongs to a long lineage of Samurai Family in Ehime Ken (Ehime prefecture) Matsuyama on the Island of Shikoku in the province of.Ehime Ken in the Samurai Era was called Iyo no Kuni ( Iyo Province). Abe Keigo retained his original family home which is over two hundred years old and has been kept in perfect condition. In the home on the walls there are still Yari and Naginata from the Samurai Era and other artefacts of great interest which were used by his family ancestors.Also surrounding the house is a magnificent Japanese Garden which has trees over 200 years old. He has been my long time mentor and has given much patience and time to advance my knowledge and passion for this great subject of Nihonto which I totally immersed myself. Abe Keigo Shihan has an excellent eye and old school knowledge which he has passed down to me. His long time collaboration with Ogasawara Nobuo Sensei also has deepened my knowledge immensely.

As with the Japanese Traditional Martial Arts and the philosophy of Budo attached, this is also strongly relevant to the Japanese Sword and Kodogu, learning and acquiring knowledge never ceases. I always welcome genuine discussion and opinions on the subject.

I have established this Web-Site to offer the collector and investor an opportunity to buy Japanese Samurai Swords and Kodogu ( Sword Fittings) at the high level end of the market. I personally believe that quality and rarity are important factors with any purchase and therefore offer only authentic and best quality items on this site that are not available elsewhere. Also the group of contact's that I am associated with in Japan, and proficiency with the Japanese language and Culture enables me to have an opportunity to acquire exquisite items not readily available outside of Japan nor in Japan. I believe in quality over quantity and one great acquisition can be a collection in its own right.


( Definition off Price On Request ) In general prices are not displayed on this website to protect customer privacy.

If you are genuinely interested in an item please email for the price. On this website there are no bargains as respectfully this is not a bargain website. It is a website to offer you rare and exquisite Historical Artefacts The last forty years of my life have been dedicated to the study and collecting of Nihonto and right from the beginning my standards were set high. Finding Genuine Japanese high level Swords and Fittings takes a lot of perseverance and also building a genuine trust and acceptance from Japanese Collectors and Dealers. Even then, when items come up for sale it is a matter of timing and paying the right price to be able to acquire prominent items of rare Historical and Investment level.

This Website is dedicated in memory to my two great Masters who passed away in 2018 and 2019 , Ogasawara Nobuo Sensei and Abe Keigo Shihan their patience, life dedication and great teachings in Nihonto significantly helped to escalate my wealth of knowledge on the subject of Nihonto and guide me in the correct direction along this immensely satisfying journey.

Quality is remembered long after price has been forgotten.

Email me now before the urge goes, you have nothing to lose & everything to look forward to.


Tetsuji Shinchu Tsuba Muromachi Makki, last stage of the Muromachi period. (Muromachi period 1336-1573 )
Also inlaid on either side on the edge is the Buddhist Sanskrit : (Nam-myoho-renge-kyo) It is a pledge to oneself never yield to difficulties and to win over one's sufferings. This Tsuba was ordered in the turbulent times of the Muromachi period by a Samurai with this Buddhist Sanskrit to never give up but die gallantly in battle. This is a historical Tsuba and was owned by Abe Keigo the famous Shotokan Karate Master and Nihonto collector.