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Satusma Meiji Era Vase by Ryokuzan

A spectacular and unusual rare Satsuma early 19th Century Vase with three dimensional work. It was made for the SHIMIZU DAIMYO FAMILY and is adorned With Gold and different colour enamels. It is in excellent condition . This came from the famous Elaine Strachan collection of Japanese Satsuma and is published in her book. I have never seen another one as this.

Description: Two large panels in" Mezzo Relievo" with border surrounds. Front depicts an aggressive hunter riding a Lion with a Monkey hanging on. All within a ground of trees, rocks and waterfalls. Back depicts a desolate shipwrecked man and lady adrift in angry waves below mountains , temples and trees. SHI SHI heads ( Demon Lions ) create the handles. The side panels, shoulders and neck richly brocaded and enameled. The strong blue circle and cross in Gosu blue is representative of the SHIMZU FAMILY. This Vase was made by RYOKUZAN by order, he was a famous Satsuma artist. The work is three dimensional. The Vase is signed and marked on the bottom.

Height 55 cm, Width 33 cm


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